Journey of an IPS Officer, from Bihar to IG Maharashtra: Quaiser Khalid | AIR 115, UPSC 1997

A boy started living away from his parents since he was 5 years old in a good education quest. From not having a good school in his village to cracking the formidable UPSC examination with an AIR 115, Quaiser Khalid’s story qualifies for a big banner Bollywood project.

In this interview, we bring you the struggles of someone who moved into a cosmopolitan environment from a village setting. While most of us feel intimidated by people who are better than us or are doing extraordinarily well in their field, Quaiser Khalid’s formula was to identify the aspects that make these people better and learn those skills. Over the years, he believes that this principle has helped him become a better person. While he strongly believes that everyone must DREAM BIG for themselves, he even more strongly believes that we have a collective debt to pay back to society.

In this episode of MISAAL, let’s hear the story of an IPS officer who is also a very well renowned poet and has been awarded Maharashtra Sahitya Academy award.