An IIM A graduate toiling to build Made in India shoe brand - Rapawalk, meet Kashif Mohammad

Coming from the hub of Indian leather industry, Kanpur, Kashif Mohammad was always curious to understand the absence of Indian brands in the industry whereas, several foreign brands are using the country’s labour to sell the products at ten times the cost. His curiosity led him to found Rapawalk, a company which manufactures customized leather shoes for each of its customers. He firmly believes that India being the 2nd largest producer of leather goods and 3rd largest consumer base for shoes is a fertile ground to grow one of the largest shoe manufacturing brands of the world. 

Though his aim was always to be an entrepreneur, Kashif feels that education has played a vital role in building his structured thought process. His graduation in Delhi taught him to live by his bootstrap, an MBA from IIM A provided him with essential business tactics and the opportunity to test his idea, further, to fulfil his dreams he learnt design from one of the finest shoemakers in Italy. Kashif spent 2.5 years doing extensive research and hard work to provide comfort to the feet of the office going Indian population. He moved several cities to find the right people for his team and advocated the importance of right partners who will help you to sail through everyday challenges. Rapawalk was deeply impacted by the Covid, however, the team’s resilience and grit have kept the company growing. Kashif believes in having an aim and enjoying the work you do. 

Watch this episode to know more about Kashif’s inspiring journey.