How to take risks and overcome failures in life | Nida Khanam, Executive Coach & HR Mentor (Hindi)

Traveling 30 KMs every day for education seems like a story out of Bollywood movies but our guest today used to travel this distance daily during her elementary school.

In this episode of Misaal, we interview Nida Khanam, a graduate of AMU and IIM Calcutta, who post working at several top leadership positions like HR Head at various MNCs left it all to establish something of her own. Nida by the virtue of being a very established career and leadership coach explains to us the difference between a coach, mentor, guide, or counselor and also tells us why it’s important to have one in life.

Nida is a strong advocate of continuous learning and believes that one should never stop learning and growing in life.

Tune in to this interview to hear Nida bust several HR myths, understand a woman’s journey to a leadership position, and decode her risk-taking nature.