How did a journalist co-found a tech startup? Raheel Khursheed's journey from Kashmir to Harvard

How often do you come across someone who has transitioned from being a journalist to working at top tech companies of the world and then co-founding a tech startup? A person who has been working from home for the past 10 years and has even rejected attractive opportunities to maintain control over his time!

In this episode, we have Raheel Khursheed who ticks all the above boxes. Raheel started his career working as a Journalist for CNN-IBN; changed tracks and worked in leadership roles at, Twitter, and Snap; and is now a co-founder of Laminar Global. Raheel completed his undergraduate studies from a local degree college in Kashmir and now has fellowships from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.

Tune into this interview to learn more on how a boy from Anantnag in South Kashmir has set sight on democratizing information to change the world.