How to become an entrepreneur? Building a supermarket business - Nadeem Jafri, Founder, Hearty Mart

Riots are bad, lives are lost, families are separated, businesses die and above all everyone becomes hopeless. It is during these scenarios that Syed Nadeem Jafri decided to start a business in the Juhapura neighbourhood of Ahmedabad in February 2004. Only two years earlier the city had been gripped by the worst communal riots in its history.

In this episode we cover the story of a man who got tired of his 5-year job at an ad agency in Mumbai and decided to pursue what we call “Blue Ocean Strategy” in the business world i.e., he started “Hearty Mart” in an area where no other retailer wanted to venture.

Nadeem’s story is one of immense will and undying hope. Be it raising capitals from friends, working another job to support his family, teaching advertising at institutes like MICA along with running the business. He today believes that all his efforts along with the support from the community have led Heart Mart to grow into a brand of its own with 12 Supermarket stores, 10 Baker Point Cafes, and 9 different business lines.

Tune into this interview to know more about the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr Nadeem Jafri who is a living example of turning disasters into opportunity.